Everyone keeps asking me if I made the team.. I had to decide what was more beneficial to my life & to my family- so I opted to not go to Vet training camp. It was a really tough decision on my part because I had trained literally for 2 months straight for that Vet training camp weekend. But, it fell on my birthday & the amount of time it was taking me away from my family & work just didn’t make sense. The coach pretty much told us if you can’t make camp I don’t care- don’t call me. So I didn’t. Not to mention I am so damn accident prone. LOL! I hurt both knees, got bit by a dog, had bronchitis, I mean anything that life could throw at me during those months of training- she sure as fuck did & not to mention I’m slower than molasses in January in Tennessee. Strong as fuck but it’s like I have weights tied to my feet. My husband & father were actually dead set against me doing it also. J saw how they were using the girls & despised it. My dad was like “No pay? Wtf are you doing?” 🤣 But I kept on through all of it! Which really proved a lot to myself, which is why I began this journey.

Those girls LIVE for that sport. The girls in the league are real, genuine & talented athletes, I mean some of the strongest women I’ve ever encountered. Not just physically, but emotionally, spiritually even. Shiiiiit, You have to be spiritual when you feel like your left lung is going to collapse while the ligament in your right knee is tearing like a piece of paper. They’re dope as fuck.

However let me be real here about The Nashville Knights. There is no money in that sport, they legit want you to train & play in games for FREE. The poor girls trying out are literally living on a wing & a prayer hoping they get a “contract.” Fuck that, show me the money, if it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense. I also feel like the league uses the girls for their “followings” thru social media.. I never wanted to be in the league for the social media aspect of it. I already have a following, so the league wouldn’t have given me the exposure that some girls feel like it will. On top of the exhausting training & weekend camps they also want you to make appearances at local bars-unpaid. Oh & did I mention that these weren’t the final cuts?? Nope! After ALLLLLLLL that they decide to tell the girls that they’ll be making cuts all the way up until a month before the first game, Talk about stressful! Who wants to live like that?

There was no women empowerment, it felt actually the exact opposite. Like a factory of robots making us perform on command. The coaches were not friendly & gave off vibes that we were lucky to even be there. Which I get it, it’s a sport but when you’re trying to build something especially it being in their first year, you would think they would have at least played on the “TEAM” vibe a little more. But in the end, a lot of us girls walked away because we felt unappreciated & used.

The Knights also aren’t a part of the real LFL franchise.

They have different owners. Two dudes who wanted to invest in a team. It’s in it’s first year- so as you could imagine there is zero organization within it at the moment. There was a lot of wtf moments in the past couple of months. Hopefully, they’ll pull it together in the years to come. The most disappointing aspect tho, is that some girls who really did deserve to make the team didn’t. Which showed me that they honestly aren’t looking for talent (with the exception of a few rookies who are extremely talented) They’re looking for girls they can use & throw away. They only have love for the vets. It’s their first season & they do want to win at any cost to make a name for themselves.

Danika.. sweet Danika lol. That woman is pure savagery. Literally 9 months pregnant out running drills, showing us how to tackle etc. I feel like she should still be on the field tho. Coaching is for when your time is up & you can’t do, so you teach. Danika is still young, strong as shit & one of the best players the LFL has had. She should still play after the baby, not coach. She has way too much life in her to sit on the sidelines. You can still see the fire in her eyes & the yearning to play. She also reminded us constantly when we were fucking up in practice, that she just might play again & take one of the places on the team.. Which I believe was her way of letting the girls kno indirectly. Just my opinion tho.

So as you can see, they were asking ALOT with little in return. They brought in a whole team of vets to play this season (4 games) so anyone else who makes the team will be bench warmers.

The whole experience was to push myself & I did exactly that. I’m still doing exactly that, it helped jumpstart my true fitness journey. I’ve always worked out- but on my terms. This time around Im pushing myself harder & farther than I ever have. I didn’t realize how NOT in shape I was. But it’s safe to say I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in & will continue to get better. I’ll keep posting my fitness vids for you guys & update pics etc.

Thank you guys for always supporting me & having my back in everything I do! It’s you guys that motivate the fuck outta me. Good luck to the girls still trying out & Good luck to Danika as she is figuring out her coaching career & most of all good luck Knights! I’ll def come to a game & a cheerlead from the stands! xB.