This may be long, I may get carried away I’ve never done this before. I’ll try and stick to the basics and not get carried away in detail but if I dont please bare with me. Weve all been through shit, some worse than others, Its in me I’ve learned to help other people and I’ve gotten better over the years with helping other people without putting myself in danger or down and out with nothing. Me and T have known each other for a long ass time. I’ve seen my life all over again through her, same scenario, different outcomes and contributing factors. We go deep, I know more than anyone no matter how well they think they know her, I know all sides of her. Her daddy left when she was young, never to reconnect again, not sincerely. Her momma did what she thought she had to the only way she knew how, selling what she was getting in to make it work all the while taking it herself. T’s brother became and addict of many things, lost it all every time he would get it, until he lost everything for good. He overdosed a week ago at home, while T was out getting hers in. The people came, they saw, took his body and called the people in who took T’s baby… 4 months old born fighting for her life. T went to jail, petty theft to feed her habit and please the man of “the house”… we got her out, less than 24 hours she was back in the streets. We had a talk before she went back to the streets, I know I hit hard for her in her soul and heart. I know it made an impact. I’m getting the baby soon until she gets better. I’ve not given up on her. I caught her this morning before she got high and was able to talk to her.. we talked for over an hour….. I know what I’m saying is helping. She wants out. She wants a better life with her baby.. my mother was an addict and probably still is… I know the lies and smoke they can blow to make you believe them…. I know T is being true and wants help. Shes supposed to go to rehab after court in a few days but she wont leave “the house” yet… I saw my opportunity this morning before she got high and at the end of the conversation, I tried to get her to let me come get her and take her away but she said she wasnt ready and she knew it would hurt me more if she came out here and I woke up to her being gone. I get that I told her and I respect that bc she doesnt want to bring them boys to where I stay, i have kids and am still keeping my wits about me with this knowing they come first… which is the only reason me and “Mr. Taurus” havent gone to drag her out of that house. I’m a very honest /blunt person and didnt argue with her but explained to her that I wish I knew what to say to let her, let me come get her. Weve been through this before and when she was with me, she stayed clean and she was making plans to get right. I have faith in her that she will do it this time, it won’t be until court on the 10th when shes pretty much forced with do it or lose your baby you prayed so hard for… I’m scared something will happen between now and then… if something happens… I’m not blood.. so I dont have “first dibs” on getting to adopt the baby .. there is no daddy so to speak so thats a plus but her aunts… they see the baby as an income… they have substance issues… they are just not good placement for the baby …. I’m just terrified for her and the baby…. not tooting any horns by any means, but I’m the only option for this baby outside of foster care and really the only option for T… I honestly dont even know what I came here looking for, maybe I just needed to let it out … maybe you can tell me something that will help me, or her or both… I’ve been following all yall for about a year now and I know you can relate to an extent…. like I said though idk what I came looking for, maybe I just needed to talk about it to someone who can get it and has made a come up from shit like this… I made her introduction to you and Jay, Struggle … all that and it gave her something else to hold on to and be therapeutic…. but I know it’s not enough. I dont know what to do… I do… get the baby and be there for her…. but what about between now and then…. what about that? Anyway, if anyone reads this, thanks for listening at least. Much love. 🖤