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I've been going through a rough patch the last few weeks. I've been having mixed emotions. My head seems to just be stuck. The man I love with everything in...


I’d love to have a picture of your thighs and feet


I LOVE YOU & jelly!! Thank you for everything y’all do for us!!


I secretly want want butt sex


How you doing

Asshole husband, but I love him!

Long story, short... My husband always "moves out" when hes mad. I cry, give in, blah blah blah, he comes home. I was so sick of him doing this to,...

I have a question

My fiancee broke up with me cause I have lied over and over to her I can't blame her but I want to know how I can earn her trust...

Help me, help her

This may be long, I may get carried away I've never done this before. I'll try and stick to the basics and not get carried away in detail but if...

Confessions: Side Piece Pause

I've been kinda dating this guy for about 6 months. He and his wife have been separated for almost 2 years, living in separate houses etc. During this period, there...


Me and my old lady of 8 yrs have been struggling for the last couple we decided to take a break..which is now over...but whenever were apart our sex...

See yal soon

Love y'all jelly roll is the s*** bunnie you are beautiful I truly wish I had your confidence c yal in nashville in July

I just dont know anymore

I feel like a failure I've graduated 2 schools at top of the class went through a summer program at top.of the class and one single girl has me feeling...