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No nudes or they just hard to find?

My wife

The one woman my wife is always willing to step out of marriage with, is you. The couple I’m always saying “if it happens, take it!” Is with y’all! LMFAO!

Hey lovely lady!

On podcast listening, just hoping to throw you an young amazing female artist if you haven't heard of her...Katie Noel. I love a Jelly radio and it was branching out...


I wanna fuck you so bad


I've been going through a rough patch the last few weeks. I've been having mixed emotions. My head seems to just be stuck. The man I love with everything in...


I’d love to have a picture of your thighs and feet


I LOVE YOU & jelly!! Thank you for everything y’all do for us!!


I secretly want want butt sex


How you doing

Asshole husband, but I love him!

Long story, short... My husband always "moves out" when hes mad. I cry, give in, blah blah blah, he comes home. I was so sick of him doing this to,...

I have a question

My fiancee broke up with me cause I have lied over and over to her I can't blame her but I want to know how I can earn her trust...

Help me, help her

This may be long, I may get carried away I've never done this before. I'll try and stick to the basics and not get carried away in detail but if...