Why in tarnations is it fucking snowing so much. 😑 I didn’t sign up for this shit when I moved to Tennessee mmmkayyy? Being from Vegas never thought I’d say this but can not wait ‘til Summer. Or at least Spring. Springgggggyassss bitch yasssss. It was 28 degrees outside today & I was ready to put a bikini on & sun bathe on my porch while sipping a fruity drink with an umbrella in it. Slurps up bitches!

Dropped “Confessions” this week. Super proud of it- but the perfectionist in me says do better next one. I came up with the concept for it, shot it & edited it in between life coming at me faster than a trucker sniffing an 8ball of crankheaded to a whorehouse in Pahrump. It is rattlin’ tho, & all I can do is be humbled by all of your love & support you show me.

I did another photoshoot for this blog. Can I make a confession to you guys?? I fucking hate photoshoots! Nothing gives me more anxiety than having to pose for a camera lol.. and I’m so awkward with it. I have no idea how to be sexy or do that “thing” you’re supposed to with your eyes. Make love to camera they say. Sureeeee buddy, My love looks more like hippo sex or hyena love. I have no clue how these IG models literally look flawless in every picture- even their gah dang selfies. Like wtf bitch. My back doesn’t even arch the way theirs does. I end up looking like a retarded penguin. I don’t think that was the politically correct way to say that, but fuck it. I kno some of you are rolling your eyes & think I’m fishing for compliments- exact opposite. As you guys get to kno me more thru the blogs & vlogs you will realize just how shy of a person I truly am. I’m an extroverted introvert. So much so that I’ve actually had fans get mad at me for it. They take it as me being stuck up, but sometimes when I meet them I hug them & don’t really know how to get words out, so I always say some super awkward shit. Or if they compliment me I just say “Thank you” quietly because it really makes me embarrassed. Now, if I’ve had a bottle of tequila– you will get the exact opposite. If you’re female, I’ll probably try to suck your face off & make you suck Jelly’s face off. I like to share w. him. He’s my human. In other words, bring me a shot & all will be well.

My birthday is this weekend. Makes me all nostalgic & shit. I’m not an emotional person, but it’s hard to not have some sort of emotion when I look back on the life I’ve lived. It’s been a fucking dope show.. & only keeps getting better. Not bad for a girl who ran away at 14 & never looked back. Yes 14. And I can proudly say I’ve never been back home nor asked my family for one dollar since I was 14. I have been thru shit that some people would have never survived & I’ve seen/done some really cool shit that people wouldn’t even believe. All I can focus on is the good that’s come from all of it. The person it’s molded me to be today & am evolving into everyday. I feel blessed to have another birthday where I feel wiser, more self aware & more confident in where I want to go in life. The great thing about getting older, is you don’t lose all the other ages u’ve been. I wouldn’t trade any memories, good, bad or ugly.

Speaking of memories, my 18th birthday…er, um wait I don’t even remember my 18th birthday.. who the fuck am I kidding? Moving on, I think back to my 21st birthday. I had a limo with 10 hot ass bitches & man oh man when I say wild- it makes me blush thinking about the shit that occurred that night. All I kno, is my limo driver cleaned the limo out in my front yard & left some huge random dildo (I had NO part in those festivities fyi) In my trash can. On the very top of everything. For all my neighbors to see. Total dick move– no pun intended.

I could go on for hours with some pretty crazy stories- growing up in Vegas how could I not?! But instead I’ll kick you down some birthday knowledge & Then I have to go pack for this surprise bday trip Big Daddy is taking me on. Weeeeee! Excited! 

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Shaw.

Never get so caught up in life that you forget to have fun. Don’t let age ever stop you from accomplishing a goal or a dream. Don’t let age be an excuse for why you stopped doing your hair or your make up. Or why you stopped slapping on lingerie or being sexy for your hubby or side dude. Men don’t use it as an excuse for not taking your wife/gf/side bitch out on dates or doing sweet things for them. Age is just a number, granted you get more life experience with each year.. but
Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, & the youngest you’ll ever be again. So carpe diem motherfuckers. Have fun & chase those fire flys in your hearts. Boom. Mic drop. xB.