Now that I pretty much got that disclaimer out of the way, allow me to re-introduce myself. Since everyone is always so curious about me here ya go:

Born in Houston but raised in Vegas. So that is where a lot of my liberal opinions you will encounter here come from, although far from feministic actually the complete opposite. I’ve dabbled in real estate, poured drinks for movie stars, put myself thru beauty school, even two years towards my bachelor in interior design, owned a pretty successful clothing line for about 3 years – (She got a passion for fashion, nah mean?) Got sucked into the glitter & glam of the Vegas lights & last but not least – stripped & sold my soul more times than I want to admit. But that doesn’t define the woman I am. I’ve put myself thru numerous college courses only to realize I have Peter Pan syndrome & never want to grow up. Jack of all trades master of none. But one thing that does make me happy is the family we have created. I am the trophy wife extraordinaire of rapper/papabear Jelly Roll & the proud bonus mama to our daughter Bailee. What happens when you take a wild free spirit from Vegas, toss her into Nashville with a rowdy rapper from Antioch, & sprinkle in a sweet lil’ sugar baby to boot? That my loves is what this blog is for. I hope you laugh, cry, get mad & downright feel every bit of my journey with me. Hang on sugar tits,

It’s going to be a wild ride! xB.